Colorado Hail Damage Repair

Adame Roofing Hail Damage Repair Service

Every year hail damage accounts for thousands of dollars of damage, and if you live in the Colorado area then you are no stranger to hail damage. Our team of hail damage experts have been in the field for years and have seen it all from dented to broken roofs we can fix it with just one call. If you or a friend is in need of immediate hail damage assistance please consider giving our team a call today. Below are some facts about hail damage and how dangerous it can really be. 

Watch Your Head

Hail can range in size and speed traveling anywhere between 9 mph all the way up to 110 mph. This speed makes its especially dangerous to both you and your home

That's Alot Of Damage

According to insurance companies hail storms account for over 7 million insurance claims every single year with states like Colorado being a contributor to this number

The Proof Is All There

In 2017 Colorado experienced a hail storm so bad that it was estimated that over $2.3 billion dollars in damage had occured

Our Three Step Guide To Hail

Hail storms can be a very unexpected event, and sometimes they can happen with no warning or further notice. Now you want to be prepared for something like this as once again it can cause a lot of damage if left unprepared. Adame Roofing is very familiar with hail storms as our business has served the Colorado area for years and we would like to share our tips with dealing with a hailstorm. 

Step 1

If you have any feelings or doubts that a hail storm might hit your neighborhood it is best to take precautions and board up any glass or windows that your house may have. This not only prevents them from getting shattered, but it will also protect those inside of the house from any flying glass or pieces of hail that may come from the window. 

Step 2

Now step two is super important, in fact we call it the most important thing to do during a hailstorm and that is to protect yourself. This is the most important thing you can do, because you can always get another house, car, or material object; however, we can never replace you. It’s best to get inside or stay inside during a hailstorm in order to avoid getting hit or hurt by any flying objects or hail that you may encounter.

Step 3

After waiting the remainder of the hailstorm, it is best to inspect your property and assess any damages. Our expert hail repair team has seen many people over look or ignore damages that can eventually grow or worsen over time. It may even be best to get a second look or inspection done by one of hail damage repair team members as we have years in the industry and understand the things people may overlook. After assessing any damages that you may have you can then request repair services at need. 

Please do not attempt to fix these structures yourself if you are untrained. Hail can damage or weaken structures causing them to be unsafe or not in their desired state. Don’t hurt yourself by trying to save money. Our team members will be glad to help out at a reasonable cost

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Adame Roofing we want to guarantee the customer not only gets a quality service, but also that they walk away feeling good about the job that was done. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all of our repairs and we won’t stop until we get it. Our customer first attitude is really driven home with all of our employees and we urge you to reach out to any of our employees and ask questions as you feel necessary. We believe the repair process should be as involved as possible and our customers should be informed at all times as this is their property that we are repairing. 


Contact Our Hail Damage Repair Team

Our hail damage repair teams are ready to serve you in your time of need and emergencies. We understand that hail storms are unexpected, but when they do happen you need a repair team that will have your back. That is why we suggest you contact Adame Roofing the premier hail damage repair team in Colorado