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At Adame Roofing, our company provides top quality roofing and installation services to homeowners and business owners across Colorado. Locally owned and operated with several years of experience, we are capable of completing every kind of roofing or installation project to your specific requirements, timeline and budget. At Adame Roofing, our roofers pay attention to every detail and can ensure you that the job will get done correctly the first time, every time.

Regardless of what condition your roof may be in, our experienced team of expert service roofers can evaluate your structure, repair it if possible and replace your entire roof when needed. Our roofers have years of experience in providing roofing and installation services to businesses, single family homes and multi-family properties in Colorado. Our expertise also consists of hail and storm damage where a special team can help to guide you through the process of restoring your roof as well as to assist you with the insurance claims process.

As a versatile roofing company, our roofers tackle a wide range of projects and can handle any kind of roof, whether it may be shingles, asphalt rubber or ceramic. At Adame Roofing, we have established relationships with bulk manufactures that enable us to acquire materials more affordably than a local store. This enables us to pass on the savings to our customers.

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Finance Your Next Roofing Project

Statistics indicate that as many as 75% of Americans are living from one paycheck to the next. Statistics also show that 50% of Americans cannot afford an unforeseen expense of more than $500. Having served the Las Animas community for several years, we have come across various types of Las Animas clients with various types of income. As such, if you are an average American, we know that roof related expenses can seem overwhelming at first glance. This is what separates us from our competitors. We offer an easy payment option that you can take advantage of, to make low monthly payments towards the roofing project you need.

We are able to provide affordable financing options because we work with some of the largest names in home improvement financing. Our plans range from 0% financing to low/long-term payments options. We even provide options for individuals with subprime credit. When it’s all said and done, we offer a wide variety of payment options that make it easy for any individual to upgrade/repair their home when the time is right. After all, a damaged roof can lead to many other expensive complications such as mold buildup, irreparable structural damage and leaks. Some of the benefits you stand to gain by using our financing service include

  • Wide range of simple payment plans
  • Conveniently pay your bill online.
  • No hidden service fees.
  • Quick application process
  • Highly competitive rates

Don't Let Hail Ruin Your Home

Year after year, hundreds of homes get damaged in Colorado, during hail season which runs from April 15 – September 15. Unfortunately, hail storms are very unpredictable and can cause an incredible amount of damage to your property. From breaking your gutters, ventilation system, skylights and shingles, hail damage can significantly affect your roof’s ability to repel water and the outside elements.

One of the reasons why hail damage can be so devastating for homeowners is that the extent of the damage it causes may not be apparent at first glance. In fact, hail related damage does not normally surface until several additional storms have come and passed. This delay can become a serious nuisance. Insurance companies are quick to highlight the fact that there is a limit on how long they will accept hail related claims. As such, if you fail to contact a reputable expert to evaluate the smallest of signs, you may end up having to pay to repair or replace your roof on your own.

Once a significant storm has passed, the first thing you should do is to check to see if you notice any damage that may have occurred on your home’s exterior. If you notice anything that needs a repair job, it’s highly recommended that you contact us to take a more detailed look and to evaluate the damages your home may have sustained. For instance, if your gutter has been damaged, you should consider a gutter installation project from our company.

Our team of hail damage roofers are able to notice the smallest signs of hail damage that can turn into a big problem further down the line, costing you more than if you were able to identify it as soon as possible. Our team possesses the expertise to replace and repair any roof that has sustained damage as a result of a hail storm.

Hail damage

Contact Our Las Animas Roofing Team

Since the very first day that Adame went into business, our company has always strived to put Las Animas residents over profits. This is the number one reason why our company lasted so long in the state of Colorado, while other Las Animas roofing companies have come and gone. At Adame, we simply get the job done. Based on the fact that we provide free roof inspection service to determine the extent of damage your home has sustained, as well as the fact that we provide photos and video to help make a decision, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give us a call. The longer you wait, the more damage your roof may be undergoing. We are licensed, bonded and insured. For a free roof inspection, questions about the type of service we provide, or questions about our installation services, use our contact form and one of our experts will reach out to discuss the specifics of your situation.