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At Adame Roofing services, we have two sets of specialized roofers to handle both your residential and commercial needs. Our commercial roofers specializes in flat roof systems for institutional and industrial roofs, while our residential team specializes in shingle roof systems for homeowners, smaller sized businesses and condominiums. At Adame Roofing, proving high quality services is more than just a job, as professional roofers it’s our passion. Our employment procedures are fairly strict and consist of only hiring the most experienced and skill contractors in the business. You’ll never have to worry about getting false information or being pressured into making a purchase that is not right for your specific situation. Please contact us if you’re interested in

  • Roof Repairs For Structures On Your Property Other Than Your Home
  • Roof Installation Services
  • Residential Repair Issues
  • Commercial Repair Issues

The installation of a fully functioning roof or a repair job that last for decades should be the goal of every contractor. But, as many reviews for our competitors will indicate, this simply isn’t the case for every company which provides installation services. But at Adame, we place an emphasis on only using high quality materials to provide a high quality finish that will last for years regardless if you are working a minor project or new installation.

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The Importance Of Quality Roofing

When it comes to repair projects or the installation of a new roof, quality should be of your utmost concern. It’s highly recommended that you choose a company that understands the importance of having a high quality system that has been made with top brand materials. Oftentimes other roofers cut corners when it comes to roofing because it saves them money. But this type of logic usually leads to an abundance of problems for their customers. But at Adame Roofing, we believe that every customer deserves the best quality to ensure that the roof looks beautiful and lasts for several decades.

But, the benefits of having a quality roof aren’t just limited to superior protection from the elements alone. Having a high quality roof can increase the value of your home by as much as $10,000. In addition to that, by working with us we can upgrade your insulation to ensure that your home is able to retain heat. This can help to reduce your electricity expenses during the winter seasons. And, by having a high quality roof you will gain peace of mind, knowing that your new system has been made with the best quality materials available.

Looking To Upgrade Your Roof

In addition to providing superior roofing repair and replacement services, we can evaluate your roof to determine which characteristics of it can be upgraded to prevent you from having issues in the first place. One of the things we can do is to remove old insulation and provide you with a more modern solution that enables your home to be significantly more insulated. In addition to that you stand to gain several additional benefits when you upgrade your system, such as :

  • Better Ventilation – Old roofs do not offer an adequate amount of ventilation. This can cause them to trap cold air inside your house.
  • Wind Protection – New shingles are more capable of protecting your home from winds.
  • Solar Reflectance – A modern system with a high rating for solar reflectance can help to deflect the sun’s rays, which is particularly useful during the summer months.

Contact Our Roofing Experts

Often times people use off-label companies in Colorado for home improvement related projects. While you may be fine with using an off-label landscaper, the same can’t be said about using an off-label roofer in Colorado for the most critical feature of your home – the roof. By working with a high quality contractor who only uses top brand materials, you will be provided with a system that offers better protection against the elements, higher level of insulation which leads to lower utility expenses and by using the highest quality we can provide a multi-decade warranty which we stand by. Do you live in Colorado? Has your roof been leaking? Are you considering getting a new roof replacement? Then use our contact form to reach out to us and a specialist will respond to you as soon as possible.