Should I Get A Metal Roof?

Every year I meet homeowners who go through the process of questioning if they should upgrade to a metal roof. We see metal roofs all around Pueblo and Southern Colorado but they wonder if the pros outweigh the cons of having a metal roof installed for their home. Every homeowner is different so I try to go through all the pros and cons with every situation. But I decided to write this blog in hope to answer some of the most asked questions homeowners have that come with the decision of choosing if a metal roof is right for their home.
Whether you’re looking for a roof repair service or a car mechanic; cost is always one of the big questions. If you’re looking to install a metal roof you’re looking at a more expensive roofing project than if you were just looking to install asphalt shingles. This comes from a more rigorous installation process and from a more costly material. That being said the old saying “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to metal roofing. Even though they are more expensive, many metal roofs will qualify for a discount to your premium with your insurance company.
Most metal roofs come with a Class 4 impact resistant rating. Living in Pueblo or Colorado we all know we’re bound to get a hail storm sooner or later and a metal roof offers more protection against them than an asphalt shingle roof. Of course durability might be different if you decide to do a 29 gauge pro-panel metal roof or a 24 gauge standing seam metal roof. With that being said a Class 4 metal roof system is more likely to remain against leaks after storm damage(hail or wind).
Roof Aesthetics
A big question I always get when asked about metal roofs is “how will it look?”. A metal roof is an investment on a home and you as a homeowner will want it to look great; I mean after all this is a roof that should last the next 20 years. A metal roof has an elegant design and if the right color is chosen it will make your house the envy of your block. Now most metal roofs have a lot of metal trim and flashing that have to be expertly done by a roofing company. If you choose the wrong roofing contractor you run the risk of having some detail work that looks a bit ‘weird’.
I hope this blog spot helps with some questions you might have had with metal roofing. For any other questions about metal roofs or any type of roofing service contact Adame Roofing. We are a qualified roofing company that serves Pueblo and all of Southern Colorado. Contact us at or call today at 719-369-9055.-
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