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Adame Roofing is known for reliable and reputable roofing service at a price that won’t scare you. For almost 20 years, we’ve been fixing roofs, performing our cutting-edge roof installation, repairing hail damage and completing other types of roof repair work in Alamosa Colorado and beyond.

When we put a roof over your head, you can be sure that you’re getting a good one. Our family-owned company is a licensed and insured Alamosa Colorado roofer, and we are committed to those we serve.

An Adame roofer is professional above all else. We have high standards of workmanship and customer care, so we can achieve optimal results. We bring our collective roofer expertise to every company project.

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Our Alamosa Roofing Service

Our company is proud to be one of the top-rated roofing companies in Alamosa Colorado. Our team brings years of collective roofing experience to roofer projects of all shapes and sizes, and we perform a full lineup of residential and commercial roof services. Check the description boxes below to learn more about each roofing service we offer.

Roof Repair & Installation

Never put off roofer service. Small problems can quickly escalate. Prompt roofer repairs now can save you thousands of dollars later. Don't try to perform roof repairs yourself. It's dangerous on a roof if you don't know what you're doing.
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Hail Damage Repair

Hail can demolish roofs. Hail balls can dent, crack or bruise a roof's shingles. The shingles can develop bald spots. That makes them more likely to leak and cause water damage in your home. Our roofing professionals can fix that problem.
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Our Alamosa company provides a variety of repayment plans for our customers. We also offer customized financing packages tailored to your needs. Don't neglect your roof because you're worried about repayment. We can usually work something out.
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The Advantages Of Our Alamosa Roofing Team

Here at Adame Roofing we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and we wouldn’t be doing our job if the customer wasn’t satisfied as well. Here are some of the advantages of working with our Alamosa roofing team 

Professional Experience

We are dedicated to the well-being of your home and your family. Fine craftsmanship and strict safety protocols are two essential elements of our work. Our team members are thoroughly trained, fully certified and have the professional expertise to work on all types of Alamosa roofs.

Flexible Schedule

We can design a project timeline that honors your schedule and meets your specifications and requirements. All work is completed on time and within budget. We work 12-hour days, and we are on call during storms and bad weather.

Affordable Pricing

We keep our prices as low as possible. We could charge more for our work, but we don't. Instead, we work hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied with premium service at an everyday price. If you want to check our affordability yourself, contact our customer care team now for a free estimate.

Versatile Roofing Team

Property damage can be substantial with leaky roofs. Additionally, the moisture buildup attracts mold and rot that can spread quickly to the surrounding areas. With our combined expertise, we can perform any kind of leak repairs that will keep your home leak-free.

Customer First Attitude

Without customers, we have no business. If we don't treat you like a movie star, someone else will. Maintaining the integrity of what's over your head is our number one priority.

Special Offer

The problem with roofs is that you can't really see what's going on up there. Water leaks can be visible or invisible, and they can do a great deal of damage. This special offer entitles you to a free roof inspection to determine your roof's overall condition.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

"I Asked them to replace our Roof as it was quite urgent for us. The response was rapid, and the prices were affordable."

Howard J Davis

Not convinced yet? Well you can read more reviews below or go on Google and look up “Adame Roofing” to find out more!

Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

Adame is tops when it comes to roofing repair jobs for me, they are always high quality, prompt, and polite. Job sites are always left clean up completion and they are very responsive
Dustin Ethredge
Adame Roofing gave me a really high quality bid for my fathers roof. We went with them and they did not disappoint. They're local and actual owned family business. I would highly recommend
Armando Alamos
I would highly recommend Adame roofing, they are excellent, provide great workmanship, and all in a timely manner. Thank you Adame family! you guys are awesome!
Corissa Richardson

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We’re awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Call our customer first care team for a chat. Ask questions. Learn what your options are. You have nothing to lose, and you’ll gain an abundance of information.

Sometimes, repairing damaged roofs and installing new roofs is covered by homeowners’ insurance. If that’s the case, we can work with you, the adjuster and the insurance company to ensure that the claims process goes smoothly.

New roofs are available in different shingle types and colors. We can advise you about the benefits of each option.

One bad storm can cause a lot of damage for a lot of roofs. We work long hours to be here when you need us. Call us Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. We’re also here on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.